Open letter to the people who tore me down

Thank you. Thank you for making me the person I am today. Your harsh words & doubts once broke me down; caused me to never want to move forward, but I did.

I moved on & once I moved on I was better.

Every time you told me I couldn’t I pushed back harder telling you I could.

Every time you threw me down, I got right back up.

Every time you stepped on my spirits, I learned how to iron out the wrinkles.

You taught me so much about myself

I cannot thank you enough for helping me realize I am so much better than the words thrown at me.

They’re. Just. Words. 

I am the one that gives the words the power to hurt me. I am the one that gives the people the power to kick me.

My spirits are mine to keep held high.

Life is so much better when the glass is half full & I will never again let you bring me down. I now know how much greener the grass is on the other side, so thank you. Thank you for showing me a better side of me.

Today I am the optimist I used to hate to see. I hated to see people like me because I didn’t understand how they were so happy. Here I am realizing being optimistic is so much better then being a pessimist.

Where is the benefit in being angry all the time, hating everyone? Since when did hating people, being unapproachable, and a hopeless become such a trend?

People like you, the haters, the unapproachable ones, the hopeless ones, you made me the person I am today. No, not made, rather built. You built me. I have been built, because underneath who I am now, lies the hatful unapproachable, and hopeless version of myself.

I was never broken. I was just messy. Broken means I had to be fixed, but I never had to be fixed, I just had to be cleaned.

So, to the people who tore me down, thank you.

(and to myself, for being the biggest bully of them all, thank you too. Thank you for finally laying off your number one victim. Thank you for finally realized you deserved none of it.)


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