things to quit


What is worrying going to do for you? My favorite saying is, ‘Action cures fear’, and it’s true. We fear the unknown, some of us more than others, but we cannot stop from doing so. But taking action to help alleviate that anxiety pays off. For example, studying for a test or writing out a to-do list. For us worriers, telling us to simply just stop worrying will get us nowhere. We need to be given tools and tactics to help us through our high stress and high anxiety situations.

trying to please everyone

If you’re not happy, pleasing the people around you will mean nothing. You will never be able to make everyone happy. It’s just a fact. Every person you encounter in life isn’t going to agree with you, isn’t going to like you, isn’t going to understand you. If we put the same amount of effort into making ourselves happy, as we do into trying to please others, the world would be full of happier people.

avoiding things you’re scared of

As silly as it sounds, I went through years of being scared of being happy. And that’s something we all deserve. We all deserve to have happiness, but I was so fearful of having it, I would avoid it and run away from it constantly. I was running from something I needed, but I continued to run from it. Now think of some fears you faced, maybe you went skydiving, or surfing, or rock-climbing. If that was something you were scared of, you were probably terrified prior to doing it. Now you have this amazing story and experience to share because you faced your fears. That’s the way I should have looked at happiness. Now that I’m experiencing it, I should have let it in sooner.

fearing change

Change is good, change means growth, change is part of life. Compare who you were five years ago to who you are now. God bless change. Fearing change is what keeps us from growing. Sometimes you can’t see that this change is necessary. It’s not always a peaceful change, sometimes it’s painful, but once completed, you see how it impacts your life. We grow through experience, and experiences require change. The change you’ve encountered throughout your life is what has shaped you into the person you are today.

telling yourself you aren’t good enough

The way people treat you says way more about them then it does about you. Bottom line. If you’re a good person that is full of love and life, people have no right to wrong you. That is simply just a call on their character. The way someone treats you shouldn’t be used to help you determine how you feel about yourself. You are your own person, so tell yourself you’re good enough. We can all achieve the same things if you strive for them hard enough, so go for it. Be you and love it.


You will drive yourself insane if you overthink. I overthink constantly. It’s just a sweet little gift that comes alongside with my anxiety, but it’s never been worth it. My overthinking leads to me crying about nothing in my bed at 3am. It hasn’t changed the outcome of the situation. It hasn’t fixed the situation. Nothing will keep me from overthinking never again, but I’ve learned to put forth a sincere effort to stop myself from doing it. It’s only made situations worse for me.



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