Forever People

Think about someone that currently means the world to you.

And not someone like your mom or your grandma. Someone that you met in your life that you weren’t expecting to meet.

Now think about the day you first met them- first saw them. The difference between the first time you encountered them and your relationship with them now is monumentally different. You would have never considered that you would care so much about that person. You would have never considered you would feel sad when they’re sad.

It’s crazy how having a little heart for someone can connect you on a far other plane. It sounds fantastical, but the way I see it is not some link to science fiction, but rather just the way we work. When you care so deeply for someone, their pain becomes your pain. Their joy becomes your joy. It’s both a blessing and a curse. You feel for them and with them.

Maybe it’s just me because I feel my own emotions so greatly, but I’d like to think this is how we humans work. 

Think about before you felt so much for that person. The first date that was surprisingly less awkward than you were expecting. The first time you shared happy tears laughing at the same joke. The first time you told them about your deepest thoughts.

Sometimes you think they’re too good for you. Don’t let that ruin anything; sometimes you need to realize you deserve nice things. Don’t ruin something good because you feel like you don’t deserve it.

It’s almost insane, though, that they mean so much to you now. You would have never thought that they would be that person to you. You only hoped, and now you’re here. You’re where you are now with that person. I think you get these people to learn how to love, learn how to care. You learn how to care in a different way. We learn how to love someone that’s not your blood.

There’s an entirely different realm of happiness that springs from this love. I think they’re one of our few forever people. Unfortunately, forever people aren’t meant to be in your life forever, but they will impact who you are forever.

and once again, maybe it’s just me. In my overly emotional existence, but I love to love. I think it’s important to care this much for someone.

When you first met them did you think you would lose them? You never want to lose them. I never want to lose them. I want them in my life as long as they’re permitted. Keep them around if you can, it makes you a better person.


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