Finish This Sentence

‘This was not supposed to happen…’

at all. I was not supposed to be in this position, but I’m not the exception to every rule. Things happen to people. Things that suck happen to people, but that’s life. 

This has opened my eyes. I’m not some sort of superhuman where things don’t happen to me. Things happen to me. I am just an average person. Not everything is going to be happy all the time. I am heart broken, and I guarantee I will be for quite some time.

This was not supposed to happen, but it did happen. It happened and I’m going to have to be okay with that. Growing to be okay with it is important. I have to learn how to come to peace with these hard situations I face. I have to learn how to live with them.

I will never be happy if I’m constantly looking behind me. Like my mom always says, if you’re constantly looking behind you, you’re going to miss what’s in front of you. I have to keep my head up. Look towards my future, not towards the past.

This was not supposed to happen, but I will make it through. This has helped me see the love and support of the people around me. It has helped remind me of that love and support. People are good.

I will get through this and I will be okay. Bottom line I will be okay. I know I am a strong person and even though this was not supposed to happen. I will be okay.



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