Laughter is the Best Medicine

My favorite clichè.

It’s my favorite clichè because I love being happy. I’ve discovered this increasingly these past two weeks. These past two weeks have really forced me to prove to myself that I am as strong as I tell myself I am.

Throughout these past two weeks, I forced myself to remember my lowest points. Those low points where I was lost, vulnerable, and isolated. Those low points taught me, though, that isolation will never help me. Reaching out and seeking love and light will always benefit me.

It has caused me to embrace the fact that I deserve joy. We all deserve to find our joy. This is why you must Find Your Voice. And not just finding your voice, but sharing your voice. I have only received joy and happiness since I’ve begun to share my voice, and these past two weeks, I’ve needed that.

Now back to the clichè I spoke so short and so fond of.

Sharing your voice surrounds you with love and light.

Reaching out surrounds you with love and light.

Laughter surrounds you with love and light.

Even when I’m feeling down, if I am genuinely laughing, I no longer feel upset. It’s just physically impossible to feel sad when you are feeling genuine joy. Your joy is part of who you are. Without your joy, you are not you.

maybe that’s just my love for the movie Inside Out, characterizing an emotion like that, but your joy is yours to keep. 

Likewise, you can help someone else’s joy thrive. If someone reaches out to you in search of help, help them. Laugh with them. Make them feel like they’re worth something. The worst feeling in the world is when you seek out support, and it’s not received.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Nothing has ever helped me feel better than the times when I’m feeling genuine joy with the people I love. Surround yourself with good people and be a good person so people want to be surrounded by you. In times of heartbreak, sadness, and hardships, being around these joyful people will make all of that hurt less.

And when someone next to you is heartbroken, sad, or has fallen on heard times, be there to pick them right back up. Be there for one another and we will all really see that laughter is the best medicine.


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