The Limit Does Not Exist

Not long ago my dad sent me a link to a podcast. The title of that podcast is The Limit Does Not Exist. It’s hosted by two witty and intellectual young women that are relatable beyond belief. Not only is the title of their podcast an homage to Mean Girls, but Christina and Cate are an extremely adorable pair of bff’s.

When we see successful people spending their days doing what they love, we often lose sight of the fact they didn’t end up there overnight. I run into this issue more than I’d like to admit. There are times I need to remind myself that the people I look up to have worked hard for their success.

I have this ridiculous, yet totally justifiable, love for Disney (I’m sure that adoration shines through in both my Inside Out and 20/80 posts). Since I was born I have loved Disney almost wholeheartedly.

Now, a little side note. Up until my junior year of high school, I told myself I was going to be a theater major. At some point during that year, I changed my mind. I was majoring in zoology. At that age, I felt so obliged to choose a major that seemed ‘credible‘.

Having to decide a college major at 17 was such a daunting task for me and I struggled with that. I wanted major in zoology because I love animals. After a summer spent in the BVI’s tagging sea turtles for scientific research, I thought my heart was set. It was set until I took a chemistry class and realized, my love for animals would be better suited as a hobby rather than a career choice.

After participating in a club where I was in charge of all the ad campaigns, I found this love for marketing. My responsibilities in this club led me toward a new path. I had already been accepted to ASU to participate in their zoology program. I made the decision to withdraw my acceptance. I was terrified of the judgment I would face ftelling people my decision.

I decided to attend community college before transferring to a university. I was questioned by some, wondering why I didn’t just change my major at ASU. Regardless, it was my choice to make and I am entirely happy with the result.

I am now going to school for marketing. My end goal is to work for Disney- surprise, surprise- but I never considered was, I don’t have to just pursue marketing. Christina and Cate discuss the fact that STEM and creativity can coexist. I love this idea. Think about it this way, animation and CGI wouldn’t exist without accepting this.

Living your life on one solitude path simply doesn’t make sense in our modern world. If you have multiple passions, pursue them all. Even if they don’t seem to go hand in hand.

Yes, I would love to work for Disney, but I would also love to write a book some day, and dive the wreckage of the Titanic, be my own boss, sail the BVI’s on my own boat, maybe even start acting again. Who says I can’t do it all?

We are not one-dimensional creatures. You don’t have to have just one job title. It’s like eating one food for the rest of your life. It is completely illogical. You can go out and pursue all that you want. Don’t live your life trying to satisfy the way people perceive you, you will be terribly disappointed.

Bottom line is, you need to do what you love. I am more than satisfied with the way I redirected my life. Follow your heart. Do what you love. Wherever it leads you, you won’t be let down.

P.S. Go listen to The Limit Does Not Exist for a weekly dose of inspiration!



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