Achieve Your Goals

If you sat down and had a conversation with me for more than an hour you would quickly learn that I love to have a grip on everything I do with my life. I plan just about every single thing I do. Although lately, I have backed off this idea, when I was going to school full time and working about 60 hours a week, my need to plan out every breath I took was a necessity (granted, I do still plan quite a bit).

Obviously, I have about a million things going through my head on a daily basis. There is no way I could possibly remember all of the things I have to get done if I didn’t write things down. Many people today just use their phones for all of this, but I love using a tangible planner. Using an actual paper planner gives me the ability to create not only a calendar but a journal as well.

I have always enjoyed using my planners as a journal. I write in fun things that happened during any given day, paste in ticket stubs, write in details I never want to forget. It helps me create something memorable and creative.

I honestly feel so at peace after planning out what I’m going to be doing with my week and how I’m going to achieve all of those goals. It makes me feel like my day is going to have a purpose.

Up until I found out about this company called Passion Planner, I would have such a hard time hunting down the perfect planner. Passion Planners are great because it helps you lay out goals within your life. The weekly layout gives you adequate space to plan out each day and room to write good things that happen. Being a more visual person I love being able to SEE what my day is going to look like.

These planners are not only highly personable but are sold by a self-started company. Angelia Trinidad is a young CEO that started Passion Planner in her garage. This company is all about self-improvement. They want you to become the best you, you can be.

Their efforts with this are to help individuals achieve their goals. Inside each Passion Planner, there is a passion road map.


As you can see it helps you layout your goals and breaks them down into smaller efforts to help you achieve them. My passion roadmap has helped me break down lifetime goals into smaller ones. It’s helped me see my goals are easy to achieve.

Among the descriptive weekly and monthly layouts, and the monthly reflections, I can visually see my goals in reasonable chunks. It’s honestly become the planner I never knew I needed.

Not only is this planner everything I have ever looked for in a planner, but they are a get one, give one company. This means with every planner sold, there is a planner given away. On top of that, each of their various 2017 planners supports a different cause. Depending on the style, when you purchase a planner, a portion of those proceeds are donated to either: breast cancer awareness, organizations that help our youth succeed, or Veterans assistance.

The thing is, this planner is amazing, as well as the company. I honestly have no problem supporting this company because they are so amazing! If you are at all interested in finding out more about them I strongly urge you to head over to the Passion Planner website to find out more information. While you’re over there, if you decide you would love to buy one put in the code TORI10 when you checkout to get 10% off your purchase! I hope you this planner helps you achieve the goals you set for yourself. Achieving a goal doesn’t have to make you miserable, if it does, you’re doing it wrong.


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