An Open Letter to the Person That Needs a Pep-Talk

You are so much better than this.

You are so much better than the way you are feeling right now. I promise you, whatever you’re going through, you will get through it. You will overcome this, I believe in you.

You are here because someone needs you to be. Someone needs your smile and your grace. There is someone out there that can’t imagine this world without you. Just the thought of losing you causes a terrible discomfort. Maybe you don’t even see it, but they need you.

You are feeling this way because you need to be. You can’t see it now, but this is exactly what needs to happen. You will learn so much through this experience; it will help you grow. Facing this is going to shape you in ways that you never knew you needed.

You are far more resilient than you think you are. Once this is through you’re going to bounce right back to the person you’re supposed to be. Like I said, this is going to shape you. You may not bounce back overnight, but you will get there. It may take one day, or it may take one year, but you will get there.

Two years ago I spent almost every night crying. I wasn’t sure if I was going to graduate high school because my grades were so bad. These grades were a direct reflection of my depression. Today I am in the midst of my spring semester of my sophomore year of college.

This is absolutely not the place I thought I would be four years ago, but it’s exactly where I need to be. When you work hard and continue to strive to become a better version of yourself, things will work out just the way they need to.What you need in your life and what you want in your life can sometimes be completely opposite.

One of my favorite quotes is, ‘God gave you exactly what you wanted to show you it’s exactly what you don’t need’. There have been countless times in my life where I’ve prayed and wished that I would get something. I eventually had that prayer answered and later wished it never had been.

Give it time and you will be better. Time heals all wounds, a cliche,¬†but cliches exist for a reason. Sometimes you need to let these hardships run their course. Like a bad cold or a stomach bug. It’s absolutely miserable as it passes, but once it’s over with you appreciate¬†your health so much more.

You are enough. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise, not even yourself.


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